Our History

Nuova Protex was founded in 1976 from the acquisition of Protex, a pioneering company in glass tempering for construction.
Initially focused on the national market, today Nuova Protex Srl exports over 70% of its products to Europe and is increasingly looking towards development beyond Europe, which today represents 10% of its sales.
With 100,000 square meters of glass sold, the company is now a dynamic and flexible entity, ready to meet customer needs with high-quality solutions.

Experience and Personality & Personality

What Has Made Us a Leader in the Industry in Italy and Europe

Guaranteed Quality

The use of our processed product finds applicability in various sectors, and in each of them, we guarantee the highest quality standards.

Continuous Control

From the acquisition of raw materials, we perform a quality control on our production that knows no compromises.


The highest industry standards. From training to production process to post-sales, through the most important ISO certifications.


Leader in Tempered Glass Processing

Curved Glass for Any Requirement

Our specialty: curved glass for every type of use.

Our achievements surpass strict tolerances even at extreme radii and angles.



The processing of curved tempered glass is the core business of Nuova Protex. The use of the processed product mainly occurs in 6 areas: agricultural machinery, transportation sector, special vehicles, marine, for food use, and in furnishing. We produce glass with any curvature, including:

  • Single Curve
  • Double Curve
  • Full Curve
  • Arch
  • Reduced Arch
  • Spherical Angles
  • Reduced Section Spherical Angles