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Leader in the processing of tempered curved glass



Initially targeting only the Italian Construction Market, driven by the urge to implement diversification and explore new markets, the Management later focused its business strategies on various sectors, thus obtaining Standardisation acknowledgements for vehicles and the ISO 9000 Quality Certification, which was received in early 1993.

Having set out by targeting the Italian market, today Nuova Protex Srl exports over 70% of its products to Europe, and is considering reaching beyond with growing interest, since 10% of its sales are recorded outside Europe.

With 100,000 m2 of glass sold, the company is today both dynamic and flexible, ready to meet customer demands with high quality solutions.

Nuova Protex is also one of the founding companies of Made in Pavia Italy, which was established to promote the competitivity and innovation of local companies. The Board of Directors of Made in Pavia Italy counts Gilberto Sacchi, the CEO of Nuova Protex, among its members.

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