Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

Over the years, Nuova Protex Srl has successfully developed the consulting services and technical support it offers customers.

  • Design phase
    Feasibility/Criticality study to propose effective high performance solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements.

    – By adopting the latest technological systems, we assist the customer with “reverse engineering” processes by creating mathematical models from physical models, samples and sketches.
    – Our long-standing experience in the “automotive” sector allows us to design thermal circuits for rear windows or shop windows and display cabinets, based on the conditions of use and objectives.
    – In the Sailing sector, we assist customer with calculations to define glass thicknesses that comply with reference standards.
  • Post-Sales
    The traceability of our products allows to precisely track how they were produced and the quantity.

    – Process records, monitoring of geometrical designs that are electronically filed for the most extensive series, and dedicated tests required for the various applications allow us to guarantee compliance with the specifications agreed on and to check them at a later date.
    – Our Quality Department and Technical Department are at the disposal of customers to perform field tests both during the prototyping phase and in terms of the evolution of consolidated items.

Nuova Protex in one phrase:
“Suppliers of Curved Toughened Glass Solutions”.
With this concept we wish to offer customers a broad-ranging service that meets both requirements and expectations!


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